Delano Owens, also known as Cognac Jakk was born and raised in Newport News, Virginia. He was born with an inherited blood disorder called “Sickle Cell,” primarily derived from the African American descent. Over time, Sickle Cell can lead to complications such as infections, delayed growth, and episodes of pain, called pain crises.

Growing up with this condition, hospital visits were very frequent. After a pain crises, specific instructions to stay home, drink tons of water and get some rest became very clear and super important during the healing process. As any kid, being bored is a horrible thing. During these periods of resting, gaming became something that made me happy and also took my mind off of the pain. While I couldn’t move much due to the shots of medicine in both arms and legs, my fingers always seemed to work just fine. My mother always made sure I had the latest video-game systems at my fingertips.


Fast-forward, on August 19th of 2018, I woke up that morning and decided I wanted a PC to game on. I didn’t know much about PC gaming but my friends had told me that PC gaming is where all of the competition was. After doing some research and watching tons of professional gamers stream, it seemed to me that most of, if not all of the pros played on PC. I purchased everything i needed to start PC gaming and streaming. As I embark upon this new journey, I encourage you to walk with me.

Everybody wants to be a streamer, you say? What makes me different, you say? Most people have been PC gaming for a great deal of their lives. I haven’t been here for a year, yet. I was told by a friend of mine who goes by the name of Carlos, that most people don’t even consider streaming until they have the skills necessary to produce entertaining content that people would want to see. The difference with me is that I am completely new to this PC gaming world. I allow and invite you to come with me on this journey of learning and growing pains as I have been owning and destroying kids for at least two decades on consoles with controllers. The tables turn now as I have to learn how to use a mouse and keyboard as my controller and now I’m the one getting owned.

Most people show you only what they want you to see. Especially with social media these days and how it has evolved. I give you access to see the good, the bad and the ugly as I walk this journey toward being the most entertaining streamer/professional gamer the world has ever seen. Walking you through mistakes. Analyzing situations. Teaching other aspiring streamers and gamers along the way and providing inspiration and motivation along the way, all while being completely transparent with my supporters.

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